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Danish design and sustainable architecture

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 Space to grow

Who we are

NJORD is an innovative Danish design company.

We design and produce modular and sustainable greenhouses for the future.

We build our design on simplicity, functionality, and elegance – the basic aspects of Danish Design.

Nature is our key to inspiration and sustainability.


Nature and sustainability

For hundreds of years, Denmark was a society based on agriculture and fishing, and Danes still feel closely tied to the land and the water around them.

This respect for nature is why Denmark is a pioneer in promoting sustainability.

We build on this tradition. The living world holds answers for us to create a more resilient, regenerative, and beautiful world. There, we believe it is time to quiet our cleverness, to observe and listen deeply, and reconnect to nature’s wisdom by asking, “How does nature solve this?”

In NJORD we are inspired by nature and aims to strengthen the balance between nature and human beings – by providing space to grow.

The design team

Behind the unique and artistic danish designed greenhouse is a multidisciplinary and internationally recognized art that brings experience, creativity and highly specialized competencies in design, art, architecture and engineering into the design.

Anne Bagger, Engineer, M.Sc., Ph.D. is an expert in load-bearing structures, geometry, patterns and plate construction.

Ion Sørvin, artist from the Royal Academy, founder of the renowned and award-winning art group n55.

Anne Romme, award-winning architect and Ph.D. in architecture from universities at home and abroad.

Design for the future

At NJORD, we set the bar high to develop greenhouses that are relevant in fifty years.

We design with a modern Nordic touch and take pride in building long-standing and honest relations with our partners and suppliers that share our vision: To create space to grow crafted in sustainable materials and pure aesthetics that are produced responsibly for people and the planet.


Design-driven innovation

NJORD is a design-driven company. Design-thinking is a human and context-centred approach.

It pushes innovation by empathising with user needs, exploring options through playful prototypes, and redoing the process until reaching an impactful solution.

The design-driven approach is an ability to frame problems in a different way, come with solutions and make them real.

The building system

The SPACEPLATES building system is a result of an ongoing research project into the use of “pure plate structures”.

The SPACEPLATES building system is a light weight, minimal material, low cost system that enables to build any scale of structures shaped as approximated doubly curved surfaces in a statically well defined way.

SPACEPLATES is also a rigid lightweight structure able to carry loads simultaneously through compression and tension forces.

Based on pure plate structure, the system uses no other structural members than thin plates, bent at all edges to achieve a simple mechanical assembly method.


Unlike the classical load-bearing greenhouse structures based on compression, NJORD greenhouse takes advantage of its light materials and a structural method.

It is made up by pure plate structures, which combine compression and tension forces working within the cladding material itself, needing no primary supportive structure.

This also separates the building method of NJORD greenhouse from spaceframe constructions like the geodesic dome.

Design for sustainability 


Pure plate structure is an elegant way of creating doubly curved forms.

Unlike the triangulated lattice structures used in much contemporary architecture, in pure plate structure the structural system and the cladding is one and the same thing.

The geometrical and structural characteristics allow for extremely economical and simple building systems at any scale from small units to larger spans.


There is an intricate dependency between the geometry and the structural capacities of Spaceplates building system.

Hexagonal tessellation results in Y-shaped vertices at any given joint, which allows for an ideal distribution of forces within the surface of each plate.

Local food production

As the building of the suburbs has pushed farming land further and further away from the city, our food production gradually has become increasingly industrialized.

Today the connection between the land of the suburbs and the dinner table of the city has almost disappeared.

NJORD greenhouse makes local food production possible for anyone who has the desire to grow and eat their own food.

Inspired by nature

NJORD greenhouse is based on the sea urchin geometry, where hexagons of increasing size form a spherical form

Designed by nature

The shape of NJORD greenhouse is inspired by the sea urchin’s shell, which is made up of a disc construction principle to achieve great strength with a very thin shell.

Just as the sea urchin grows slowly in its shell, the geometry of the building system contains a growth principle.

NJORD greenhouse can therefore be scaled up and down without problems.


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